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This is the MOST important thing when walking your dog

We all know that taking your dog for regular walks is a necessary step to a healthy dog. Are you doing it right though? Our positive dog trainer Emanuelle Lack, part of the team, points out something that many dog walkers out there may not know.

Sniffing is the most important part of the walk. “Dogs see the world through smell”, Emanuelle points out. When a dog sniffs a tree, he is able tell how many dogs have been there before.

By sniffing another dog’s urine, dogs are able to identify what age, gender and even what type of food other dogs ate last night. Sniffing is the dog’s way of communicating – it’s their social network, through which they leave messages and interact with the outside world.

So, when walking your dog, take your time and let him smell little corners, trees, plants or whatever else he finds interesting. Of course, keep a close eye! We don’t want our pets eating things off the floor.

And if you don’t have the time to walk your dog, no worries! Download and hire one of our trained dog walkers.


About our dog trainer

Emanuelle is a biologist with a masters degree in animal psychology. She is a positive dog trainer (which means no punishments!) and a beloved member of our team. She (of course) has a dog named Miles. Follow her on Instagram and on Facebook for more!

Emanuelle and her dog Miles

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